Save the Date: September 28th, 2012

Participating Exhibitors

Carestream Dental Takara Belmont J. Morita
MyRay Progeny Dental ACTEON Sopro
Starcomm Technologies    

Experience The Latest Technological Advances In Hi-Tech Dentistry

Leading hi-tech dental product manufacturers will have booths setup on the second deck of the yacht, where you can experience the latest-and-greatest in hi-tech dentistry. This unique setting will provide the following benefits to participants:

  • With less traffic than traditional tradeshows, take the time to review your options in a more peaceful setting.
  • The latest in digital sensors, phosphor plate systems, intra-oral cameras, dental lasers, operatory computers and practice networking hardware will be on display.
  • Each booth will have the capability to provide participants with live demonstrations of most products and all software.
  • Software demonstrations of the leading CBCT systems will be available, where participants can gauge ease-of-use and image quality.
  • Senior practice designers will be on-hand to present floor-plan samples, and to discuss your upcoming renovation or new practice design projects.
  • Preferred pricing will be available to all participants during the cruise, along with alternatives for leasing and financing.