Save the Date: September 28th, 2012


Peter Li (ClearDent)

Peter Li | ClearDent Dental Software

Peter has been helping dentists implement ClearDent for over 9 years. His in-depth knowledge in computing, digital dentistry, electronic record keeping, and practice management are the key reasons why he is so sucessful in helping dental practices go paperless. But above all, what truly enables him to become a partner of success to so many dentists is because his actions reflect his strong belief that the best way to own a profitable practice is to own a paperless dental practice. Talk to Peter and discuss with him openly why you should go paperless ? you’ll be amazed.

Shelley Shultz (ClearDent)

Shelley Shultz | ClearDent Dental Software

As ClearDent’s District Manager for Ontario and the Canadian Prairies and Senior Consultant, Shelley has been helping dentists realize a Digital Dental Record with ClearDent for almost a decade. Further, she has over eleven years of industry experience that defines her unique and proven philosophy on practice management and related software. Originally a Business Administrator, she has the insight to focus on what matters to you, and help you determine what is truly important to your office. Well-versed in what’s involved in bringing an office from another system, or starting from scratch, she partners with an office to help them make decisions that are right for the office at the time while allowing for expansion and growth. She is very happy to answer and address any questions you might have.

Scott Liles (K-Dental)

Scott Liles | K-Dental

Scott is the Hi-Tech Equipment Manager at K-Dental.  After beginning his dental career in Western Europe and Scandinavia in 2001, Scott returned to Canada and specialized in hi-tech dentistry and new practice construction.  Over the past decade, Scott has successfully guided hundreds of dental practitioners through the sometimes intimidating process of implementing new technologies in an existing or new dental practice.  With his guidance, clients are able to identify and integrate key products in their practice, to achieve improvements in productivity, efficiency and profitability.  Scott will discuss the best way to approach the integration of digital radiography, CBCT, dental software, cameras, and lasers in a dental practice, along with how to ensure staff acceptance of the new technologies.

Steve Roll (K-Dental)

Steve Roll | K-Dental

Steve is the Equipment Manager at K-Dental, and has been with K-Dental for over 21 years.  Having started as a service and installation technician, Steve became increasingly interested in equipment sales and new practice construction projects.  Over the past two decades, Steve has guided hundreds of happy clients through many different types of projects, ranging from simply adding an operatory to large-scale 5000+ sq.ft. practice builds.  Steve has years of expertise in premium dental office design, construction management and equipment selection - join him as he shares experience and advice relating to the best ways to approach both simple and complex projects at your practice.