Managing Your ClearDent Billing Portal

ClearDent Billing Portal provides access to account information at your convenience.

Once you are enrolled, the portal will allow you to review/update contact information, view subscriptions/plans, update payment information and view/pay any invoices. The key sections of the Self-Service Portal benefits are outlined below:

Profile Update:

If you need to update your contact and billing information, simply click the “ClearDent” button at the top right of the page (see below), then select “Profile”. This page will also allow you to change your password if necessary.


The homepage provides an overall summary of the balances, payment on file and allows you to navigate to other sections for more details (ie. Manage payment methods, Subscriptions, Invoices and Statements).

Manage Payment Methods (1):

Click the “Manage” button underneath the Balance Summary section to add or edit a payment method (ie. updating billing address or expiry dates).

Subscriptions (2):

This page will provide information regarding the status of subscriptions, billing frequencies, upcoming charges, and information on expiry date(s). 

Invoices (3):

This page will display all posted invoice details (dates, amounts and status). From here you can also view the invoice as a PDF and email invoices. Lastly, this section also allows you to make a payment directly for any outstanding invoice(s).

For any outstanding invoices you wish to pay, simply click the “View” button on the specific invoice. It will then take you to the next page (sample below), where you can select the “Make Payment” button to pay the outstanding invoice.

Statements (4):

This page will allow you to email or download the PDF statement activity of your account. All you need to do is specify a date range (1) and then select “Generate” (2).

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