How to Register - ClearDent Billing Portal

ClearDent Billing Portal provides access to account information at your convenience.

Once you are enrolled, the portal will allow you to review/update contact information, view subscriptions/plans, update payment information and view/pay any invoices.

Step 1: Access to Registration Link

To register for ClearDent’s Billing Portal, you need to access your unique Billing Portal registration link.

To find your unique registration link, simply open an invoice email previously sent by ClearDent under “Invoice from ClearDent”

Step 2: Open Registration Page

The invoice email contains a link to access the registration page.

In the body of the email, you will see a “Billing Portal” highlighted in blue. Click this link to access the registration page.

Step 3: Create a Billing Portal Account

Once you’re on the registration page, please enter your desired username (or email) and password.

Please note that the password must contain both letters and numbers.

Start Managing your ClearDent Billing Portal

Start setting up your ClearDent Billing Portal and access all your billing needs. 

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