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5 reasons to go paperless at ASM18

The testing is over and the results are in; running your practice paperlessly has been shown to benefit your practice both now and in the future. If you’ve been waiting to look into these benefits, then this post will present 5 valid reasons that will make you realize how much there is to gain, and how little there is to lose. And, if you decide the time is now, ASM18 is the best time to do it.

Enough talk, let’s get into the benefits! 

  1. Efficiency – everything is within reach at all times when you are working in a paperless system. No running back and forth to speak to the front desk or get patient files. Whatever you add to the chart will automatically be available to your front desk as a claim before your patient even leaves the chair.
  2. More Revenue – several features built into the right paperless software solution garner higher revenue:
    • Find patients – patient communication tools allow you to keep your schedule full by searching for and sending messages to patients with overdue recall appointments or stalled treatment plans.
    • Keep patients – once patients are in the schedule, automated appointment reminders and confirmations will drastically reduce no-shows and cancellations.
    • Bill patients – finally, when the time comes for payment, instant insurance confirmations allow you to collect the correct amount from every patient, even in complicated multi-insurance situations.

    With all the time saved by not having to manually do these tasks, a lot more attention can be paid to attracting new patients and creating more value for existing patients.

  3. Practice Value – when looking to buy a new practice or sell your current practice, a modern dental software will create value unlike any piece of equipment can. The real value of a practice is in their list of active patients, which can easily be found in a software like ClearDent. And, unlike any other investment that you make in your practice, your investment in software will never depreciate.
  4. Disaster Prevention – floods, fires, and burglaries happen to dental practices every day. If you store all your information on paper charts, damage to your practice could mean losing 100% of the records and documents that you’ve been compiling for years. With digital charts and records, however, backing up your information is easy. And, with your information properly backed up, even if your practice is damaged beyond repair, the most valuable part of your practice, the patient data, can be completely recovered in as little as 10 minutes.
  5. Reputation – the features of a paperless solution will dramatically improve the perception of your practice by improving the patient experience. Automated appointment reminders/confirmations, improved in-practice patient flow, and faster treatment times are all benefits that your patients will notice and appreciate. It’s amazing how fast the word can spread when you are able to impress your patients! 

All of the information in this top 5 list is based on the features and functions of ClearDent. It’s time to look more seriously at going paperless. Receive our ASM18 promotion when you Book a demo with ClearDent before April 30.

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