7 Indicators It’s Time to Change Your Dental Management System

Dentists Using iPad in Office

It is a fact nowadays that technology took over many fields and industries, and the health sector makes no exception to that. Our center of interest in this article is management systems in general, and dental management software in particular. 

It would only make sense to refresh our minds with a quick definition of what these are: management software refers to systems that aim to help healthcare providers collect, store, retrieve and exchange patient information more efficiently, allowing for better patient care and smoother management of clinics and health centers. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? 

Nevertheless, not all dental management software is as well-performing as one would expect them to be, some being out-of-date, inefficient, slow, and constantly glitching. The list below will detail seven indicators to consider when changing your dental management system. You will thank us later!  

1. You still manage your dental practice using pen and paper!

Let’s start with the most obvious: if you are still managing your oral surgery clinic with pen and paper, it is time to change that – and you probably knew that when reading the introduction. Indeed, managing an entire practice on paper, whether it is patient appointments, their files, the monitoring of equipment stocks, and so on, can not only be disorganized but can also generate unnecessary additional costs in supplies (papers, pencils, files, envelopes, etc.) which you can do without. So, if you are still managing your clinic using pen and paper, this can be considered as the first indicator that it’s time to change your management system. 

2. Your patient base is growing, and so are your management issues.

If your administrative staff is having quite a hard time completing their tasks with the higher volume of patient information, you have your second indicator it is time to change your management system. Why is that? 

Well, the appropriate management system will not only render the experience of your patients smoother but also make the working days of your staff more pleasant by sparing them dull tasks like the classification of new files (in alphabetical order or by number) and the consultation of the archives. Dental management software has also been created for this and will help you adjust to the needs of a larger practice while keeping your staff happy and not stressed – by streamlining patient registration and administrative tasks with a patient portal that is not only time saving but also allows for COVID-19 preventive measures by eliminating the need for files that are passed on from one hand to another. 

Expert tip: Creating a knowledge base on your website for your patients as well as your staff can save significant amounts of time and improve efficiencies. This can be done on your website in the form of a dental patient education portal, or a third-party knowledge base like Notion.