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Hygiene! The Bread and Butter of your Practice

Keeping a full Hygiene schedule is key to a successful practice. Most restorative treatment plans come from your Hygiene chairs. Take advantage of these ClearDent features to help you and your team maximize your Hygiene and Recall production and in turn help to fine tune and clean up Hygiene and Recall “clutter”.

  • Patients Without a Recall List
  • Linking your Appointment Types to your Recall Types
  • Chart Audit

Patients Without a Recall List

Sometimes, when seeing an Emergency Patient, we forget to change the patient’s recall status to “No” in Patient Information. When we add a New Patient/Quick Add patient into ClearDent, if that patient does not come in for that appointment and we do not enroll the patient in the Recall System, that patient will also show up on the Patient’s Without a Recall List. Regardless of whether the patient’s status has been changed to “Inactive,” if the Recall Status is set to “Yes”, the patient will be logged as a Patient Without a Recall. Alternatively, if you have a patient that should be coming in regularly for hygiene and recall, if they have not had a bill posted or a Recall or Hygiene contact generated for them, they will also appear on the Patients Without a Recall List. This list is a great way of cleaning up your Recalls and also finding patients that should be coming in on a regular basis. The Patients Without a Recall List can be found in the Manage All Recalls sub-menu on the main screen of ClearDent. Using the filters provided, generate a recall contact for those on the list if needed, or work right off the list to check each patient’s recall/hygiene status. To do this, right click on the patient’s name to access Patient Information where the Recall Status, Ledger and Contact tab can be accessed to audit the Patient’s Recall. Utilizing this list will find patients in your Database that may have “fallen through the cracks” and help you to clean up your patients recall statuses at the same time.

Linking your Appointment Types to your Recall Types

Periodically checking to make sure that your Recall and Hygiene Appointment Types are linked to your Recall Types is key to making sure that these appointments are booked correctly. Linking your Recall Types with your Hygiene and Recall Appointment Types will also ensure that your reminders are being sent accurately if you are using our ClearConnect Automated Reminder System to confirm appointments and send out Recall Reminders.

Chart Audit

The Chart Audit feature in ClearDent is designed to fact find the information needed for your Hygiene and Recall patients prior to seeing them. If your office has Morning Huddle time or if your team goes through your patients’ files to check the ledger to see when the patient was last billed for Bite Wings, Pan, last exam date, or last scaling date, the Chart Audit will be a valuable tool to be one step ahead of your patients’ needs. You will be able to see at a glance if your patient is due for x-rays, or perhaps an exam if it has been over a year since the last billed exam. The Chart Audit can be found in the right click menu of the patient’s appointment and also on the main screen of ClearDent in the Patient Information icon’s sub-menu. There, you can filter by date range for a more detailed Chart Audit Report. 

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