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Get your Free Timers

What started as a simple tradeshow giveaway years ago has become somewhat of an institution in dental practices across Canada. If you’ve ever stopped by one of our booths at ODA, PDC or any other trade show, there’s a good chance you were handed one of the tens of thousands of timers that have we have given away over the years. We get comments every week from people telling us how they use them or how much they like them, and they often ask for more!

Well, the time has come. 

You can now order timers directly from the “Free Timers” button on the top right corner of our website and we will ship them out to you completely free of charge. The ordering process can’t get any faster. Try it for yourself.

Go on… we’ll time you.

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Get 2 of our famous ClearDent timers for your office... for free!

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