Pacific Blue Cross to Administer Dental Benefits for Clients of the First Nations Health Authority in British Columbia as of September 16, 2019.

For ClearDent users, this means that you’ll need to create a new insurance carrier for First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) and migrate existing NIHB patients over to it.

After September 16th, any claims sent to NIHB will no longer provide any coverage.

Before you get started, please make your way over to our fee guide update page and download the British Columbia package which will contain the new 2019 BC FNHA fee guide.

  1. First you’ll want to navigate to your insurance carrier list:

  2. Next, press add to create the new carrier:



  3. You can fill out the following information for the First Nations Health Authority:



  4. Next, press the “EDI Flag” button along the button to configure the electronic claim capabilities for First Nations Health Authority. By default the checkmark’s will appear grey which is undecided, make sure the checkmarks are black:



  5. Press “Ok” on the EDI Flags window, then “Ok” on the Modify Carrier window and “Close” on the Carrier List. FNHA has been successfully added to ClearDent. Moving forward whenever a previous NIHB patient comes in to your office, you can go to their insurance tab, select their NIHB plan and press modify:



  6. Change their policy’s carrier to FNHA and policy # to 40000, Member ID numbers will be the same as FNHA clients’ Status Numbers (clients may show you a Certificate of Indian Status Card or Pacific Blue Cross Member ID card to verify coverage):

If you have any other questions or still need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact support (though bear in mind call queues may be longer on Monday due to high call volume from this change).

For information regarding the policy that you or your First Nations patients may have, please call Pacific Blue Cross at 604 419-2000 (toll-free at 1 877-PAC-BLUE) or visit for more information.

A copy of the Pacific Blue Cross Dental Fee Supplement (For Clients of First Nations Health Authority) can be viewed here.

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