Database Configuration Pre-Live Information

Filling out this form will assist us in preparing your database for going live. It will reduce the amount of time you will need to spend configuring your system.

General Practice Setup

This covers the information that will appear on your statements, receipts, and claims. For technical information required to send email from ClearDent, please verify with your network technician or Internet Service Provider.
If your SMTP is Gmail, you must set up Two-factor authentication within your Gmail settings.

Provider/Hygienist Information

Please list all providers and hygienists that will appear in ClearDent. If the provider/hygienist submits insurance claims under a different provider, please indicate the billing provider’s code or name in the CDANet Provider field.
Please type your information in the order listed above, separated by a slash (/)

System User Login Information

Please list all staff members that need access to ClearDent and the role they have. We will create these accounts in ClearDentTM. Your trainer will assist you in customizing the access rights. Password will be preset to match the username, please change it immediately after you login to ClearDent for the first time. Note: The number of users you can have in the system is limited to the licenses purchased.
Please type your information in the order listed above, separated by a slash (/)

Scheduler Setup

Chair/Operatory setup

Please list the operatories you have, the default provider that uses the operatory (if applicable) and the column position it should have in the scheduler.
Please type your information in the order listed above, separated by a slash (/)

Office Hours

Please enter the core hours that your office is open. This is the earliest possible start time and latest closing. Individual schedules will be entered in the Provider Work Schedule section below.
Example: Monday / 7:00 AM / 4:00 PM
Example: Appointment Types (Hygiene/4U, RCT/6U Crown Prep/6U etc):

Please list the Recall / Hygiene types you use.

Note: ClearDent can handle multiple recall types
Example: Recalls / 6Mos, 9Mos, 12Mos

Provider Work Schedule

Please enter the regular working schedule for each provider including the chair they use and their break times.
Example: PR (name) & Chair 1 / Monday: 9AM~5PM - 12PM~1PM

System Configurations

Service Charge

Service Charge is an interest calculated on the patient’s outstanding balance. Please fill in the service charge details. If you don’t want to charge interest, please leave this section blank.
This is the lowest interest amount to apply. Note: If the calculated interest is $0.05 and you have set this amount to $5.00, the applied interest will be $5.00

Office Charge

Are there any products or charges you wish to be able to bill to the patient that are not college official fee codes? Note: This is for your reference only. We will not enter these codes for you
Example: OPWK1 / Office Product Whitening Kit

User Default Settings

Patient Default Settings

In most cases, which provider / hygienist will be assigned to new patient as defaults? (Leave it blank if no default)

Digital Imaging

Please check the Digital Imaging Systems you will be using in the clinic.

Day End Configuration

Office Logos

If you would like your Office Logo to be printed on statements or receipts, please provide us a copy of the digital file in either .png or .jpeg through email.


If the version of ClearDent that you have purchased includes it, you can setup the following templates: • Medical history • Prescription • Treatment • Letter (requires Letter Manager) • Clinical notes (requires Charting) • Soft Tissue / Botox (requires Charting). ClearDent is committed in helping you making the most of your investment. However, to ensure that the trainer is able to focus on the training, our trainer will teach using conceptual examples on how the different templates can be setup and used in daily operations. You can then practice by setting up your own templates after the training. If you require assistance, our trainer and support are both available to provide you the help you need.