Dental Software Is Not Created Equal

How to Decide the Best Solution for You and Your Patients

June 10, 2021 | 4PM PST

Join us as we discuss ClearDent's easy-to-use software, and how it can benefit you as well as your patients

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This webinar is about...

In this session, we’ll be following a patient’s journey as they go through ClearDent’s practice management software, and why an all-in-one, easy to use software makes a difference not just for your dental team – but also your patients.

If you’re not ready to book a demo, but want to see what we’ve been up to, this webinar is for you!

Key learnings:
  • How to establish an improved recall management system using the Recall Manager feature
  • Keep your patients engaged today and moving into the future
  • How to make informed and data-driven decisions with Glenn from Glenn K Financial
  • Answer your questions about ClearDent and practice management software

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About Shelly Shultz:

Shelley Shultz has been a member of the dental community for close to 20 years and is now a Solutions Engineer at ClearDent. She has worked with hundreds of Canadian dental offices to unearth what success is to them and helped increase efficiencies and forward-thinking practices. With her years of experience, Shelley understands how to put the right systems in place, and how software fits into the larger puzzle of owning a successful dental practice.

Shelley Shultz

Bianca Dornan

About Bianca Dornan:

Over the past number of decades, Bianca has amassed a deep and wide frame of reference for all things dental and discovered a talent for understanding the challenges faced by practitioners and finding practical solutions to their daily struggles. While her unique blend of educational and practical experience gave her a deep understanding of the industry, it was her ability to see the big picture and “think outside the box” that has endeared her to our clients.

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