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“Do everything. better.” Breaking down our 3 word philosophy

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Since our inception, ClearDent has been singularly focused on creating a software solution that allows you, as a dental practice, to accomplish everything you need in one place. We believe that requirements like record keeping compliance, data securitypatient communication, and integrating charting and imaging should be easy to achieve for any practice.

To better show people the huge difference between software solutions, this article will explain the reasons behind ClearDent’s 3-word philosophy; “Do everything. Better.” Let’s break it down. 


ClearDent already has more features designed to easily manage your practice than any other software, and we’re not slowing down! We, of course, cover all the basics like scheduling, treatment planning, imaging, charting, and billing, but we go far beyond by also including a mobile appintegrated analytics, and unique features like internal chat, staff hours tracking, and inventory management (to name a few). Where other practice management software companies are cutting back, ClearDent is entering an unparalleled period of growth for both our product and our company.


We have built all of our features from the ground up, unlike our competitors who have to resort to bridging. “Bridging” is creating a path to a separate software to give your software more features without having to develop them yourself. It’s kind of like putting BMW doors on a Ford car. Not a recipe for long-term success, and confusing when you inevitably run into problems. With ClearDent, our industry-best support team can help resolve any issue you may have in no time. Furthermore, in an industry filled with practice management software companies owned and used by suppliers as a way to lock dentists into using their products, ClearDent remains completely independent. With ClearDent, you are free to use any dental equipment you like. We integrate with more brands than any other software.

It’s time to recognize what ClearDent is; the most intuitive, time-saving, stress-reducing practice management software on the market.

Book a demo today and see the difference premium software can make in your practice. 

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