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Here are some extra bonus features your practice will benefit from

Bonus Features

Whether you want to send messages within your practice for efficient communication, track hours worked for every employee, keep track of all materials within single or multiple practice locations or create recurring payments for large or ongoing procedures, ClearDent has everything that you need to make it possible.

Team Chat

  • Completely secure internal messaging system that is not dependent on the internet. No distractions from outside messages, and no opportunity for viruses to come in.
  • With quick message buttons, commonly sent messages can be generated in one click!
  • Message notifications are clear, but do not pop up and interrupt the recipient when they are working
  • Connects the clinic and administration together for seamless workflow with minimal effort
ClearDent Team Chat

Team Hours

  • Time tracking is connected to each team member's individual login, so no mix ups.
  • You can configure it to calculate overtime hours with your specific overtime pay rates
  • Assign managers to edit punch in and punch out time before running report to correct any issues
  • Calculates total hours worked for every employee for easy input into your payroll system
ClearDent Team Hours


  • Easily track all inventory with an available barcode scanner for quick input
  • Receive notifications when item quantities reach the reorder level that you can set
  • Organize your inventory system with customizable items, barcodes and categories
  • Track supply vendors and costs per item for quick and easy cost comparison
ClearDent Inventory

Contract Billing

  • Automatically submit claims, send invoices and update ledgers
  • Monthly bills are handled separately, but included in the same ledger
  • Orthodontic bulk billing helps you bill up to 50 patients at a time
  • Keeps future treatment payments separate from A/R until each invoice is issued
  • If desired, you can view and print all invoices in advance for the patient
ClearDent Contract Billing

Additional charges may apply for some features

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