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Automated, compliant, and 100% secure cloud backup for Canadian dental practices of any size


Most dentists, at one point or another, will experience data loss. ClearVault offers you a guaranteed, automated, daily backup to the cloud, so you know that no matter what happens to your copy of your data, it can be restored completely.

ClearVault - Dentistry Ransomware Attack Statistics

If you are the target of a ransomware attack, you can easily restore your data from ClearVault

  1. Make a Copy
    ClearVault automatically makes a copy of your data at the end of each day
  2. Encrypted
    Data is encrypted the entire time, from the moment of initial copy, to rest, and restore
  3. Redundant Copies
    Up to 20 copies of your data may be stored by ClearVault at one time for redundancy
  4. Canadian Storage
    Data is stored in Canada to comply with data residency requirements in privacy acts
  5. Manual Audit
    To ensure data restorability, manual audits are conducted regularly to catch any technological glitches before they can ever affect your back up
ClearVault - The Ultimate Backup for ClearDent

Additional charges may apply for some features

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