Guide to Practice Management


There’s an old adage that any successful business runs like a well-oiled machine and your dental practice is no different. When properly managed, a group of employees, specialists, and care providers can come together and fire on all pistons to produce amazing results. 

All dental practices, regardless of headcount or the types of services or roles that exist, have one important thing in common. Practice management software ensures that your services are easily tracked and accessible, charts a course (or schedule) each day for your staff, and is the glue that binds your team. 

This guide explores the various tools you have at your disposal to build that productive, well-oiled machine, and helps keep the focus on your patients and the care you provide.  

The Guide to Everything Practice Administration and Management 


Choosing Your Practice Management Software 

Dentistry is a complex industry where no two offices are exactly alike. Simple factors like location and the services you choose to provide define the size, purpose, and staff available to you. If you’re in the early stages of building a brand new practice, or your legacy practice is ready for a new update, the first step is to consider what works for you and your team. 

Have you considered investing in practice management software for your office?

We’ve got 3 simple reasons why now’s the right time.

No dental practice should have to live with a one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why you need to be able to properly assess what needs you have, and what problems the software will solve. No matter where you land, your practice management software needs to be fully compliant with all regulations, while providing the opportunity to expand as the practice grows and you take on more patients.

Know you’ve made the right decision for your business, by knowing everything there is about choosing the right practice management software.

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Creating a Productive and Paperless Environment 

The immediate benefits of practice management software are ditching the binders and reams and file folders of info for computer files. If you still use paper in your practice, or haven’t worked in a digital office before, we’re happy to explain the virtues of going paperless 

Taking your patient’s personal and medical information into a computer means you’ll automatically have a more reliable source of truth – one, constantly updating, timestamped file over a slowly-yellowing sheet of paper with a post-it note or two attached. Digital files can be simultaneously accessed by front office and oral care providers, cutting down on running around, as well as any second guessing.  

We know this single feature alone is a massive boost for productivity for hundreds of dental practices. 

Ready to tackle productivity in your office?

Read about the aspects of your office that are worth a closer look. 

Finding Productivity in Your Dental Clinic 

In the world of dentistry, productivity is predominantly measured as your ability to see more patients in less time, without sacrificing care. Otherwise known as ‘Production’, the goal is to limit the time your chair is empty, without relying on treatments that take up several costly hours. 

But why not take the argument a step further? Integrating cloud technology takes that single patient record, and makes it available from any computer or smartphone, adding layers of security that go well beyond the lock and key of your office’s front doors. 

Cloud technology isn’t just unlimited access anywhere – it brings safeguards that increases the security and reliability of your patient records. 

Trust, us, we’re experts on protecting sensitive patient information. 

Interested in learning more about how each of these can help your office? Check our 5 tips for practice productivity. 

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Managing Your Appointments and Your People 

As much as software can save you the busy or tedious day-to-day work, the lifeblood of every practice is still people. You can’t have a successful dental practice without a roster of patients that are ready and willing to return. 

Recalls are one of the best representations of your practice’s bottom line. How much time and human labour do you spend convincing a patient to come in for a check-up or to follow-up on a procedure? Cutting edge practice management software can easily make it so you’re spending next to none. 

Even though you might have a stable patient base that is eager to get their teeth checked, life happens. It happens as last minute cancellations, confusion over dates or times, and it typically leaves a noticeable hole in your schedule. With the right software helping you manage your schedule, it’s simple to set up appointments and keep your production up. 

Schedules are a complex balancing act to maintain successful levels of production. 

Thinking critically about your schedule, and the best ways to make it work for you, is a key component to busy days and a healthy bottom line. 

Running a dental practice is still running a business and you need happy, engaged employees. Plenty of effort goes into finding the right candidate to join the office, but how do you keep people around after you’ve spent all the time and money finding them? Staff that spend less time on the phone drumming up business, and more time focusing on creating a positive impact on your practice, are less likely to turnover and more likely to help put money in your pocket. 

Software Can’t Solve Every Business Issue 

Practice management software is designed to help lift the load of unpleasant or even annoying work from your staff’s shoulders. 

ClearDent knows your practice isn’t just a series of procedures and patients, but a team and a culture that requires the very best attitudes and ideas to continue evolving. 

That’s why we’re proud to present thoughtful guides on supporting the people that deliver brilliant oral care. 

Adjusting to COVID-19 (or Adjusting to New Protocols) 

Take all of the leaps in technology and automation over the years, and nothing will have changed our thinking around dental practices like COVID-19. While the vast majority were temporarily shuttered as we learned about this new disease, dental practices everywhere learned much more about themselves as they reopened and began serving the public again under new rules and regulations. 

Learn More About Practice Management Software 

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