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Increase case acceptance with Chapter2Dental

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This webinar is about...

While most dentists believe that their practice has a high case acceptance rate, studies show that only 25% to 35% of new patients go through with recommended dental treatment.

Meet Dr. Mazen Dagher and Olivier Sefler M.B.A. — who will share the breakthrough insights they gathered on case acceptance during the 3-year development of Chapter2Dental, a new generation of patient education apps. During this presentation, they will share exclusive findings — including the highlights of a key patient survey on treatment proposals 

If you’re interested in case acceptance and curious about how dental treatment presentation affects your practice, this webinar is for you!

You will learn about: 
  • How patients make decisions on the chair and at home 
  • The true cost of acquiring a patient on the chair and the impact of case acceptance 
  • The key decision factors for patients in a treatment proposal 
  • How to efficiently support the patient during the decision process

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