Important update: Instructions to add PPE Codes to your Fee Guide.

A number of provincial dental colleges have begun sending out new PPE codes to be added to your fee guide:

· 99901 PPE: Non-aerosol generating procedures

· 99902 PPE: Aerosol generating procedures

Here are the fees for each province that are known so far:

· BC: $10 for both codes

· ON: Between $8 and $18 for both codes

· MB: $15 (99901) and $20 (99902)

· NB: $20 (99901) and $40 (99902)

· NS: Up to independent consideration (meaning $0 in ClearDent)


We have put together step-by-step instructions on how to add these new codes to your ClearDent fee guide. This process should only take approximately five (5) minutes.

Editing Your Fee Guide in ClearDent: ​

1. Using a ClearDent account that has the user rights to configure your Fee Guide, go to the System icon > Configuration > Fee Schedules

2. Select the Fee Guide you wish to update by clicking on the Modify button. Starting with 99901, type the code you wish to enter into the Code Search field (99901), and press Enter. Click Yes to confirm twice if prompted.

3. Fill in the Procedure Code details (use the details as seen in the screenshot for 99901). Then click Ok to save and close.

4. Now that you have returned to the Modify Fee Schedule window, type in the corresponding fee for 99901.

To enter your next code, enter it into the Code Search (99902), and press Enter. Click Yes to confirm twice if prompted. Fill in the fee details for 99902. Then click Ok to save and close.

5. Finally, Click Help at the top of the menu bar > Click USC & LS Codes, then scroll to the bottom of your USCLS Codes window and look for these two codes.

Make sure you tick the box at end for both of them and click on Save first, and followed by Close.

Your Fee Guides are now updated with the new 99901 and 99902 codes.

If you run into any trouble with updating your fee guide and are in need of assistance, please contact our Support team at [email protected] or +1 866 253 2748 Ext 2.

Please note our Support team is receiving a higher call volume than normal, and we are trying our best to get to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.