Take Your Practice Data with You Wherever You Go

Available on iPhones and iPads, our mobile app for dentists connects to your practice and allows you to conveniently access information like your scheduler, patient files, images, and charts.

Keep Your Practice in Your Pocket​

Getting ready for the day or week has never been easier. Check your upcoming schedule on the ClearDent mobile app to see which patients you’ll be working with and which procedures you have for the day before even getting into the office.

All Your Practices on One Device

Keep tabs on multiple practices at once. You can use the ClearMobile app to connect to all of your ClearDent-managed practices.

See how ClearDent can help you manage your practice on the go

Stay Protected on the Go

Following industry best practices and built with enterprise-level infrastructure, your practice and patient information is fully protected. If your phone is lost or stolen, access can be revoked from your device to proactively and effectively mitigate a potential breach.

See how ClearDent can help you manage your practice on the go

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