Dental Practice Analytics That Help You Make Data-Driven Decisions

Collect advanced dental practice analytics and performance trends as you use your software to make informed, strategic decisions for your practice.

Practice Analytics

Your Numbers, Your Way

Get all your up-to-date practice analytics in a way that makes sense. Beautiful charts and graphs clearly outline your results so you can make well-informed strategic decisions.

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Enjoy Your Analytics

Understand your numbers without needing an MBA. The charts are both beautiful to look at and provide you with the the most important information for the success of your practice.

Access Anywhere

Go home at the end of the day and see how your practice is performing on your patio with a glass of wine. Everything is completely secure and compliant, so your information stays safe.


Get a Monthly Snapshot

Use our dental practice dashboard to get a simple, visual representation of monthly performance and practice productivity that is easy to understand and comparable to previous months.

Find Trends in Your Data

Find out which direction your practice is trending in the metrics you care about most. Our dental software allows you to compare specific stats to any previous period to make sure all the arrows are pointing up and to the right.

Focus on High Value Procedures​

Get detailed productivity statistics for each dentist in your practice including important metrics such as chair utilization, billing per hour, patient gain, attrition, and more.

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Start making more data-driven decisions

Keep Consistent Profits Coming in

Measure the profitability of your hygiene program with detailed breakdowns of individual hygienist’s productivity and their prescribed hygiene regimens.

Track Booked Procedures and Recalls​

Get a detailed look at the percentage of hygiene appointments booked in advance as well as the number, size, and status of outstanding treatment plans to determine if your follow up strategy is resulting in successful bookings.

ClearDent’s dental software helps you better manage your practice