Switching Software

Change to the Right Dental Software to Save You Time and Money

Dental practices today are increasingly paperless, and modern dentists use ClearDent’s compliant dental practice management solution to run more efficient and profitable businesses. Don’t get left behind.

The Best Time to Get Cleardent Is When You First Open Your Practice,
the Second-Best Time Is Right Now

Stress-Free Data Conversion

Our data conversion specialists will work with you from the beginning to seamlessly transfer your patient data, x-ray images, notes, and other information to the correct places in your new software. You’ll feel like you’ve been with ClearDent since the beginning.

Intuitive Software Means Less Time Learning

Your staff will be able to learn how to use ClearDent quickly and easily. Access to hands-on training and a comprehensive set of video tutorials on top of an already intuitive software will ensure your staff is up to speed in no time.

Efficiency Is Built into the Software

Your staff will be able to accomplish much more when they can easily access all the information they need when they need it. Keep your staff happy with features like EOB auto-adjust and automated recall reminders.

Skilled dentist waiting for her patient
hands typing on a laptop

The Only Software Your Practice Needs

Years of running a dental practice can lead to using several different solutions to perform multiple tasks. With ClearDent, you can cut that number down to one. Our fully-compliant dental software does everything you need including billing, patient engagement, practice analytics, and much more.

Full Support All The Way

Just as they have successfully done with hundreds of practices who have switched to ClearDent, our team of implementation experts will guide you through the entire migration process, minimizing disruptions to your day-to-day activity.

See how switching to ClearDent can benefit your practice