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[Support story] How an issue with ScanX brought the best out of ClearDent’s support team

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

If you want to maintain your paperless practice, very few tools are more useful to you than an x-ray scanner. One of the most popular scanners to use, and the one that we at ClearDent recommend, is the ScanX by Air Techniques. Because of how important it is, when a Windows update crashed the ScanX integration within ClearDent, getting a solution ASAP was priority #1. This happened in April of this year, and ClearDent was instantly flooded with calls from customers who needed a solution.

The case was assigned to Henry, an experienced member of our support team, to determine the solution for our customers. He took the issue away to figure out exactly what was wrong and after some back and forth, he determined that it was Air Techniques, not ClearDent that was causing the issue. Air Techniques needed to provide customers with a new driver, a software update, and possibly a firmware update in order to be compatible with the newest version of Windows. Once that was complete, a simple integration check was all that was needed from ClearDent.

To recap; within 24 hours of the issue being reported, all of the following happened:

  1. A senior member of our team was assigned to the case
  2. He tracked down the origin of the problem in A DIFFERENT COMPANY
  3. He documented the steps to correct the issue
  4. He confirmed ClearDent’s involvement in the solution (a quick check)
  5. The solution was communicated to affected customers

In most cases, the solution was available before the practice even realized there was a problem. Exceptional work from our support team!

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