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ClearDent to provide dental software practice solutions for RBC Healthcare®

ClearDent to Provide Dental Software Practice Solutions for RBC Healthcare

BURNABY, BC — May 10, 2023 – ClearDent, a leading dental software provider for Canadian dentists, announces that it will now be providing preferential pricing for its software to RBC Healthcare clients. “Being selected as the RBC Healthcare dental management software provider speaks volumes about the strength and credibility of our leading, on-premise solution, our […]

How to verify your dental office on Google

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Having your dental practice listed as a business on Google has more impact than you think! Currently, 41% of patients state they search for new dentists online. Therefore, if your practice doesn’t show up on their Google search, you have just lost a potential patient.   The same goes for online reviews; 30.4% of patients find their dentists through online […]

How modern dental practices are streamlining patient engagement

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Over the past year, there has been a greater surge in the number of dental practices looking to create an easier, more streamlined patient engagement experience.  Keeping chairs filled in a dental practice is a constant challenge, and a lack of patients in your dental practice likely means there is work to do in your patient engagement […]

Building a loyal patient following for your dental practice

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While most people typically associate brands with their favorite snacks and drinks, in the world of marketing, a brand entails everything that customers – or patients – think about you and your dental practice. Without needing to be a catchy jingle or beautiful logo, the brand that represents your dental practice is how patients perceive you, […]

The goals of patient communication in dentistry

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We are people that are being told a million things each day. When was the last time you kept this in mind when reaching out to your patients? To provide meaningful communication and break through the noise, you need to be able to zero in on one specific message that acts as a call to action. […]

How to get patient feedback for your dental practice

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There are many types of patients in the world. They range from enthusiastic go-getters that are eagerly awaiting your confirmation that they are cavity-free, to the slightly more apprehensive. Regardless of their disposition, understanding what your patients think of you and your team’s work is incredibly important. Understanding if someone enjoys, or even loves the work […]

Handling online complaints againsts your dental practice

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Primum non nocere, or, do no harm, is perhaps the most important value that a doctor holds. It guides the methodology and informs the course of a patient’s treatment and care. While care providers are passionate about improving lives during every appointment, patients can experience, or believe, harm has been done to them. With dental clinics […]

When dental clinics give back to their communities

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Dental practices frequently hold special places in the community. Recommendations from friends and family may be the top decider when searching for a new doctor, but just about every other patient will choose their oral health provider based on proximity. Being able to show that you’re engaged with the neighborhood elevates you past just being […]

How to improve your dental practice

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The start of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous 12 months – see what worked and more importantly, what didn’t and assess how to improve your dental practice. To help you start the new year off on the right foot and set your practice up for success in 2019, we’ve […]