Get started with ClearConnect

Weekly Webinars | Every Wednesday
11 am - 12 pm (PST)

Join our weekly webinars as we walk you step-by-step through getting started with ClearConnect. 

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Master your patient engagement skills with ClearConnect

Each Wednesday we alternate between ClearConnect Basics and ClearConnect Premium topics. Please join us for both sessions to learn all about your ClearConnect product and its amazing capabilites!

ClearConnect Basics

This session is for users of both ClearConnect Lite and Premium, and focuses on the patient communication and engagement features found in ClearConnect Lite. 

These features include: 

  • ClearConnect, which automates confirmations and reminders by email or text. 
  • ClearMessaging, which offers two-way texting with patients directly through ClearDent.   
  • Contact Assistant, which offers dynamic reports to manage patient communication. 
  • Bulk Newsletter, which allows you to send newsletters and announcement emails to all patients.

ClearConnect Premium

This session is tailored specifically for users of ClearConnect Premium. This webinar offers in-depth instructions on configuring your ClearDent to utilize the tools in Premium, as well as detailed training on the features found in Patient Portal, Instant Links, and Reputation Management.

Hosted by a member of our Implementation Team