Effective No-show and Cancellations Reduction

Maximize Patient Engagement and Reduce Staff Frustrations

June 15, 2022
12 pm PST | 3 pm EST

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Faryial Hussein

Solutions Expert

With over 20 years of experience working in dental practices and ClearDent, Faryial is incredibly knowledgeable and understanding of the unique needs of each dental practice, building relationships with each and every team member she works with. As a solutions expert, Faryial has the knowledge gained over the years to help develop the dental practices and grow relationships with new and existing clients she has served.

Jim Turner

Solutions Engineer

Jim started his dental path 25 years ago and has never looked back. He joined the dental community as receptionist and office manager for 15 years before moving into dental software training. He stated focusing in being a solutions expert in early 2020 and has brought his incredible insights to running practices with him. Jim’s passion for people and love of the dental industry come across with any dealings you have with him.

Course Description

Newly built and established dental practices alike, no-shows and cancellations are often the biggest hurdles to solve. They reduce productivity, negatively impact patients’ oral health, and leave administrative staff frustrated.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption for both the dental practices and the patients of a Patient Engagement Software system. With data from 2011 to date, successful implementation can reduce up to 70% of no-shows and cancellations.  Further, it also simplifies follow-ups for recalls, pulling patients forward for unexpected openings. This results in creating a more positive patient experience, reducing staff frustrations, and increasing productivity.

Learning Objectives

  • How to streamline patient communication using text and email
  • Best practice in organizing reminders to reduce no-shows and cancellations and increase office productivity
  • Build online visibility and reputation to attract new patients and retain current ones
  • Classify and handle documents and forms for a better patient experience
  • Relation to CASL compliance and Privacy Act and Recordkeeping Guideline

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