Create a safer, contactless experience for your dental team and patients

Patterson Dental Canada has partnered with ClearDent to provide a made-in-Canada solution for practice management. Learn how we’re keeping dental teams and patients safe with our contactless features.

The all-in-one practice management solution for your growing dental practice


The all-in-one software that will help you attract, retain, and grow your patient base.  We connect all the technologies to simplify your workflow so you can plan treatments, manage charts and notes, and stay on top of schedules with ease. 

ClearConnect Patient Engagement


Try our innovative patient portal that saves you thousands by reducing cancellations and no-shows with our automated reminders, easy two-way texting, and a patient portal that facilitates sharing documents, getting signatures and more.


See your data instantly to gain valuable insights that help you identify hidden revenue streams, increase workforce efficiency and optimize chair utilization without having to spend time pulling reports, searching for key information or completing manual calculations.

ClearConnect Patient Engagement


The value of a dental practice is its data, and the best data protection strategy is the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy. ClearVault, together with your internal IT setup, will ensure that your data is securely copied and backed up daily. It’s automated and compliant with all Canadian privacy laws. 

ClearDent's Dental Software Helps you Better Manage your Practice