It will take time to get used to how simple it is

One program, designed to be complete and intuitive, effectively managing all aspects of your dental practice

Simple and Intuitive

Designed from the ground up to reduce the learning curve through intelligent notifications and connected information, no other software allows you to do so much so easily. ClearDent software benefits you most by presenting relevant information as you move through your practice workflow. Patient information, history, scheduling, billing; it's all at your fingertips exactly when you need it. The logical menu system will allow you to accomplish even your most complex requirements in just a few clicks.

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Simple and Intuitive. ClearDent dental software is the easiest to learn, most logical to use software on the market.

Everything Working Together

ClearDent practice management software is designed to connect all the moving parts of your dental practice into a single, efficient system. Above and beyond safely storing all of your patient information in easily searchable ways, ClearDent offers solutions to all of your practice management needs. Digital document signing, supply tracking, patient emailing, referral management, billing, staff time tracking, practice performance reports and much more. When everything works together in one system, everything works better.

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In ClearDent dental software, everything just works together perceptively

Integrates with Everything

Dentists can often only perform as well as their equipment allows. Therefore, it is important that you have the ability to select the equipment that you think is best suited for your practice. Because ClearDent is independent, our software is compatible with every major piece of high tech dental equipment available in Canada. Get exactly what you need for your practice and allow our ClearDent implementation team configure it to communicate with our software seamlessly.

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ClearDent Dental Software Integrates with EVERYTHING

Safe and Secure

Dealing with confidential, and important information every day requires special consideration for security. Advanced features from ClearDent help you exceed your security requirements. Custom access permissions and audit trails ensures that everyone in your practice can view or edit exactly what they need and have all changes tracked. Seamless integration into ClearVault online backup and comprehensive data encryption means never losing your data, or having it fall into the wrong hands.

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ClearDent dental software is the most safe and secure on the market

Constant Training and Support

When you make the decision to proceed with ClearDent software, one of our trainers will be assigned to create a tailored training solution for each member of your practice. Once you begin using ClearDent, there are many forms of continued training that you can use to refresh your skills or learn new ones. Live support agents, online training videos, courses, conferences, and seminars both in person and online are available to make sure you are never left in the dark.

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ClearDent Provides Constant Training and Support

Canadian Company

The differences between a Canadian and Non-Canadian software system may seem subtle initially, but can cause major issues down the road. ClearDent, which operates out of British Columbia, has an intimate knowledge of legal and insurance requirements of Canadian dental practices. This is because our software is available exclusively in Canada. ClearDent is also tailored to the specific needs of each province. No headaches.

ClearDent is a fully Canadian owned and operated company

Text & Email Patients

Use our messaging service to communicate with any or all of your patients at once. This feature is a staple of practices all over Canada with over 1 million messages sent yearly.

Your Practice On The Go

Mobile technology allows you take your dental software where you need. Patient check-in, consent forms, and digital signing are the future of dental practices.

Feature Sheet

Still curious? View or download our detailed feature sheet in PDF format for more information on these features and much more.

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