Why Dentists Love It

ClearDent unifies and simplifies access to all of the technologies in your practice with a streamlined, intuitive interface. Charts, digital images, office communications, staff hours worked, inventory management and more working together from one place.

ClearDent unifies and simplifies access to all technologies

Perceptive Scheduling

  • Dual appointment colours and informative icons show you what type of appointment is coming up next, patient arrival status, lab tracking, pre-medication, and more at a glance and is privacy compliant
  • Important clinical booking needs like sequence, units and interval is prominently displayed when booking follow-up appointments
Why Dentists Love ClearDent - Perceptive Scheduling

Dental Imaging & Charting

  • With premium imaging software built directly into ClearDent, it is a true, single platform software solution, where charts and images can be easily viewed and worked on side-by-side
  • ClearDent will auto rotate, mount, and label images with correct tooth numbers so they are attached correctly to the odontogram without any manual intervention
  • Measure length and angle, even multiple paths, with accuracy up to with 0.01mm
  • Support for GV Black classification, and template based input makes ClearDent charting the easiest to use and most accurate
  • Create a clinical note by simply click the information you want to have included. ClearDent will put that information into a fully written form and store it on the patient's file automatically
Why Dentists Love ClearDent - Digital Imaging
Why Dentists Love ClearDent - Electronic Charting

Document Management & Kiosk

  • Kiosk on popular tablets like Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface takes the worry out of documentation and record keeping compliance. Applicable documents, such as consent forms, are generated in just a couple clicks, and medical warnings are displayed before treatment has started. A record of all signed documents is stored on the patient's file
  • ClearDent has built-in document scanning features to keep you paperless even if you receive paper documents from other sources
  • ClearDent's built-in word processor allows you to easily generate a professional letter, complete with relevant images, in just a few clicks. You can share generated documents with patients or colleagues securely, and store them in the patient file.
Why Dentists Love ClearDent - Document Management & iPad Kiosk

Security & Audit

  • Featuring a comprehensive security permissions system, ClearDent allows you to choose which positions in your practice can access specific areas of the software
  • The audit trail system stores a complete record of actions: when, by whom, results, date, and what was done - exceeding the College recordkeeping guidelines
  • Keep your data secure with ClearVault - a worry free cloud backup compliant with privacy requirements and managed by ClearDent
Why Dentists Love ClearDent - Security & Audit Features

More Business Benefits

  • Software updates are included in your monthly fee so you always have access to the latest version
  • Directly integrates with more brands of high-tech dental equipment than any other software - this open architecture gives you the freedom to chose instead of being locked in to any specific dental supplier or manufacturer
  • ClearMobile included in every edition - access your practice data on your iPhone or iPad anywhere
  • Gain a statistical understanding of your practice with ClearInsight. See performance and comparative data to identify ways to increase efficiency and revenue.
  • Run an ad-hoc data analysis within ClearDent, or export your data in CSV format for advanced data mining in other statstical software - you have full control of your data
Why Dentists Love ClearDent - More Business From Patients!

Why Office Admin Love It

Easy to Learn - Easy to Use

Claims & Ledgers

  • Insurance EOB auto-adjust means that an accurate statement of coverage will be received from the patient's insurance company and updated automatically within ClearDent in seconds
  • Coordinate electronic, multi-insurance claims automatically
  • Track more than two insurance policies per patient - allowing you to cater to the needs of patients with complex familiy situation or working in multiple jobs
  • Treatments charted by clinical staff are automatically converted into a claim
  • Colour coded, GAAP compliant, and intuitively organized ledger makes understanding and processing payments, even in complex scenarios, very easy
  • Well laid out day end reports not only allow you to quickly reconcile the day's financial activities, but also generate a comparative summary for the practice in the same report
Why Office Admin Love ClearDent - Clear and Concise eports

Schedule, Treatment Plans, and Recalls

  • Scheduling families has never been easier with family connections for combined booking and appointment confirmations
  • Treatment plans and Recalls are automaticaly created, updated, and attached on each patient visit
  • Use ClearConnect to set up automations for appointment confirmations, recall reminders, and much more
  • Quickly find stalled treatment plans and overdue recalls using our "Manager" view. Get in touch with the patient via phone, email, and even text message (using ClearMessaging).
Why Office Admin Love ClearDent - Impeccable Treatment Plan and Recall Management

More Administration Features

  • Team Chat, our office communication system, helps you communicate with clinical staff in the operatory in real time
  • Inventory, with its barcode scanner integration, ensures you keep a healthy inventory of anything from dental consumables and sundries, to valuable items such as implants, with ease
  • Team Hours, our time tracking tool built into ClearDent lets you have an integrated, digital timesheet for all staff
  • ClearDent Orthodontic/Contract Billing, our dedicated ortho contract billing system for practices that offer orthodontic treatment, will track the payment schedule and never miss a collection
Why Office Admin Love ClearDent - Additional Features Such As ClearInventory to Manage Inventory

Additional charges may apply for some features

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