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The Technology Powering the Dental Practice of the Future


What's included in this eBook?

Every practice owner should ask the question, “Assuming I have [technology X] how will it change the way I work today and in the future, and what business benefits will it bring?”

Dentistry, despite being a critical aspect of healthcare, has historically lagged behind
other industries in adopting the latest technologies. While areas like information
technology, manufacturing, and even other medical specialties have been quick to
embrace advancements like artificial intelligence, digital record keeping and management
systems, and big data analytics, dentistry has been relatively conservative. This slower
pace of technology adoption can be attributed to the high cost of new technology, a
lack of training and resources to learn and implement these technologies, and a general
hesitation within the industry to shift away from traditional practices that have been
effective for decades. But perhaps there’s more to it. In this eBook, we expand on how understanding new technologies can help you find and select the right solution for your unique clinical and business needs.

Find out why over 2300 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

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