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7 Ways Practices Can Make More Money


An actionable guide for dental practice owners and operators

Wonder what it will take to get new patients, keep existing patients coming back, and make more money in the process? You’re not alone. This guide spells it out in 7 easy to read sections. 


1. Be a one-stop shop by expanding your services 

Include a wide range of dental procedures, specialized treatments, and flexible payment options to cater to diverse patient needs. 


2. Offer amazing patient experiences from start to finish 

Enhance every part of the patient’s journey with modern facilities, smooth processes, and personalized care plans. 


3. Make marketing a “superpower” at your practice 

Develop a dynamic online presence by building a killer website, managing online reviews, and engaging with the community on social media. 


4. Build financial management excellence into your DNA 

Improve financial health by optimizing billing processes, diversifying payment options, and reviewing operational costs and supplier contracts. 


5. Empower your team to be your secret sauce 

Use staff development and standardized systems to elevate your team’s capabilities and improve patient care. 


6. Leverage technology to put you on the leading edge 

Embrace cutting-edge technology to enhance service delivery and make everything run smoothly, every single day. 


7. Pursue partnerships that will really pay off 

Build referral networks and collaborate with local businesses to reach more of your community. 

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