Protecting Your Practice From Employee Theft & Insurance Fraud

How to Prevent Operational Misuse In Your Dental Practice

July 15, 2021
11am - 12:30pm (PST)/ 2pm – 3:30pm (EST)

Join us as we discuss and answer your questions on how best to protect your dental practice from fraud

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This webinar is about...

While embezzlement and fraud seem out of reach to most dental practices, it occurs more times than one would think. Follow David and Bianca as they tell some of the eye-opening stories of practice fraud and answer your burning questions on how best to protect your dental practice from practice embezzlement.

If you’re interested about practice management and curious about how fraud and embezzlement effects your practice, this webinar is for you!

Learning Objectives:
  • Experiences of notable fraud cases in dental practices
  • How does employee theft & insurance fraud affect dental practices
  • Recourse on how to look out for signs of fraud and embezzlement in a dental practice
  • Answer your questions about embezzlement experiences and other ways to protect dental practices
AGD Code: 550

Learn More About Our Speakers

About David Harris:

David is the Chief Executive Officer of Prosperident, the world’s largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against dentists. He is a licensed private investigator, a Forensic Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Fraud Examiner. David is also the author of the book Dental Embezzlement: The Art of Theft and the Science of Control and over 30 articles in dental publications. 

David Harris

Bianca Dornan

About Bianca Dornan:

Bianca is a Practice Management Coach at Practices Made Perfect, a dental practice consultant in the past number of decades, Bianca has amassed a deep and wide frame of reference for all things dental and discovered a talent for understanding the challenges faced by practitioners and finding practical solutions to their daily struggles. While her unique blend of educational and practical experience gave her a deep understanding of the industry, it was her ability to see the big picture and “think outside the box” that has endeared her to our clients.

Learn More About Our Host

About Peter Li:

As the co-founder of ClearDent, Peter Li takes the time to understand the risks and demands facing oral healthcare professionals. Entering the role of Chief Evangelist has provided a path for Peter to also bring attention to the ways dentists can extend the generous care provided to patients, to their staff, and to business.

Peter Li

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