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How Oak Dental Partnership Transformed Patient Care and Operations with ClearDent Cloud


Across the wider Edmonton region, plenty of Albertans are familiar with the devoted care received at Oak Dental Partnership. With 10 locations, they’ve made it their mission to use the diverse skillsets of their multi-disciplinary team to make brightening smiles a positive and consistent experience. 

Meet the Manager 

Kayla Clelland is the General Manager for Oak Dental Partnership, overseeing the operations of all locations including their call center. 

The Problem 

As Oak Dental Partnership rapidly expanded, the ability to fulfill their mission of a seamless experience for every patient began to get complicated. Connecting multiple offices to a single call centre, while delivering a tight-knit practice experience required a lot of moving parts. According to Clelland, “We were adding clinics really quickly – overloading our servers, and we had a lot of VPNs and remote computers.” Fusing together the various digital odds and ends was proving to be slow and inefficient. 

The leadership team took the time to assess their needs as a growing business along with the needs of their patient base. Reviewing their options, they found plenty of dental software options, but felt like none were a perfect fit. 

The Solution 

The decision to pursue a cloud solution was a logical one for Clelland and the team at Oak Dental Partnership. While ClearDent Cloud was their first pick of practice management software, they had enough experience to know that implementation can be challenging with any solution. As they began beta testing ClearDent Cloud at the Stadium Dental location, to their surprise, the teams loved the training program that was provided and mentioned that they felt a lot less stress than prior experiences bringing new software online. Now, onboarding new employees is a breeze and even after training, Clelland is able to direct staff with software questions to ClearDent’s step-by-step videos. “ClearDent’s training videos have honestly been a lifesaver.” 

Overnight, many of Stadium Dental’s issues evaporated. Previously unreliable tunneling software, slow-to-connect VPNs, and remote access connections were replaced with a single URL and dependable connection. Access controls within ClearDent Cloud allowed Clelland to easily determine who could access what, from where, and during what hours. Staff received access to the areas of the practice that were required to complete their respective tasks – whether they did them from their office, call centre, or their couch at home. 

The level of control they had over their entire operations was an unexpected delight for Clelland and the company. The ability to customize treatment plans, patient follow-up, and other day-to-day activities meant ClearDent’s Cloud solution felt more like Stadium’s personalized solution. As their location count grew, ClearDent’s ability to duplicate features and templates allowed them to bring a new level of consistency to other practices and get everything set up in record time. When staff move between clinics to see patients or fill sick day gaps, they instantly know their way around the systems. 

“ClearDent Cloud has made life easier – not only have our practices made more money, but we’ve also saved money.” 

Providing a uniform experience across offices while allowing dentists to review their workload and update notes from home has made the clinics on ClearDent Cloud more productive. That’s something Kayla knows for a fact, thanks to the accuracy and detail of ClearDent Cloud’s reporting capabilities.  

ClearDent’s Ledger makes it easier for the finance team to understand what generates the most revenue and dentists can set clear production goals with progress that can be easily tracked. With both practice locations and the call centre working from the same system, management feels fully connected to each practice. Clelland more is on top of every aspect of the business with ClearDent Cloud. Each day she closely watches the Audit Trail, verifying who, when, and where an update occurs. The ability to pinpoint the source of issues or errors and quickly respond has given her a much greater sense of confidence. 

As a general manager, Kayla’s advice to any practice is to switch to ClearDent Cloud “Now, honestly.” The simple, secure, and available-anywhere approach that ClearDent Cloud offers even single-location practices, is something she firmly believes in. “ClearDent will improve your practice in ways you wouldn’t have thought needed improvement.” 

“ClearDent Cloud has made life easier - not only have our practices made more money, but we’ve also saved money.”