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Let your office go… to your pocket

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Being a dentist automatically means you will be spending many hours at your office. Because your practice is basically a bank vault of sensitive patient information, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done without being physically there. If only we lived in the age of technology and had a solution to this problem!

…oh wait, we do live in the age of technology!
…and we DO have a solution!

Bring your practice information with you, wherever you go! With a secure (more on security later) app, you can see what you need to see, exactly when it’s convenient for you!

Try doing some work from the comfort of wherever you want!

Several software companies offer a mobile application to view some of your practice data, and you may not know the difference between them. There are 2 easy things you can look at:

1) Security: To know whether or not your app is a secure terminal for all your patient data, you need to know if your app has been specifically register to your cell phone. If you’re not sure, there is an even easier way to figure it out. If you are using ClearDent’s mobile app, it’s secure. If you’re using any other mobile practice management application, it’s not. Simple, eh? Scary too…

2) What information can you retrieve using your mobile app? If you’re only concerned with checking your schedule ahead of time, most apps can do that. If you want to access complete patient data, as well as x-rays and charts just in case you need to advise on a patient remotely, or properly prepare ahead of time, only ClearDent does that.

Give yourself tools needed to make your life easier! Find out more here!

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