Auto-Update Instructions

ClearDent Auto-Update allows you to update your ClearDent software automatically outside of office hours, reducing your office downtime.

The auto-update takes place overnight between 11:00 pm to 5:00 am, local time.

Please follow these instructions on the day of your scheduled Auto-Update:

1. Before you leave for the day, please do the following:

a. Backup your ClearDent database.

b. Save all your work and exit from ClearDent on all computers.

2. Don’t forget to leave all of your computers powered On overnight. The Auto-Update cannot take place if your computers are powered Off or put to Sleep.

3. If you are working late on the day of the Auto-Update, you may see a pop-up (see image below) appear. Please click No to ignore the notification and continue working in ClearDent.

Please follow these instructions on the day after your scheduled Auto-Update:

4. When you log into ClearDent, you will notice that your ClearDent has been updated to a newer version.

a) Some users may see the following pop-up (see image below). This is the same pop-up in Step 3.

This time, please click Yes to complete the update. If you do not see this pop-up, please carry onto Step 5.

5. After you have completed the Auto-Update, your new features may not appear immediately in your ClearDent software.

If this occurs, this is because our staff will need to personally configure your ClearDent before they become available. No action is required, one of our staff will reach out to you shortly to activate your new features.

* Having trouble with the Auto-Update instructions? Please contact our Support team.