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2 ways your dental software can make you money

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Being a dentist is about providing high quality service to your patients. But that doesn’t exclude you from maximizing what your practice is able to provide, and as a result, maximizing the profits that your practice can enjoy. Your dental practice can be making more money. Bring in more patients, and provide higher value services on a more consistent basis.

Eliminate Schedule Gap

No matter what systems are in place, every dental practice is going to receive patient cancellations. Although there are several ways to minimize the number of cancellations you receive, there are also ways to effectively fill gaps in your schedule, even last minute.

  • Contact Assistant – Knowing which patients are most in need of an appointment is a huge asset. However, figuring out patient priority when having to weigh overdue recalls, and overdue and in progress treatment plans can be very difficult. With Contact Assistant from ClearDent, patient contact priority is laid out for you so you know exactly who to contact first. It can even be organized by criteria for situations that require a specific type of treatment, unit of time, or even chair to fill.
  • Two-way texting – When you have identified the top priority patients to contact, having an effective way to contact them can save you precious minutes or even hours. Two-way texting allows you to send text messages directly to a single patient, or group of patients in seconds. When those patients respond, the message will appear in your ClearDent software and be stored directly on the patient’s file.

Having the ability to find the right patients and contact them in seconds will give your practice every possible advantage when dealing with last minute cancellations.

Know Your Numbers

Every good business needs to know their numbers. In a dental practice, that goes beyond just knowing what your revenues are. When you can identify the areas of your practice that are driving the most profit, and the areas that have the most potential to improve, you have the ability to control your own profitability.

  • Staff Production – Learn how much of you profit is coming from your hygienists vs your dentists. Additionally, you can easily see which hygienist, or which dentist is the most profitable and why. With this information, take your findings to your whole staff and implement best practices to get everyone’s production up to the best possible level.
  • Profitable Procedures – Your most expensive procedures are not always your most profitable. Knowing which procedures are bringing in the most profit allow you to emphasize acquiring patients that require those procedures. It may also allow you to bring in more staff that are able to carry out those procedures and add to the profits of the whole practice.

Starting with your software, maximize the profits that you are bringing into your practice this year.

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