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3 ways your dental software can save you money

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

When so much of your dental practice is influenced, or controlled, by your choice of software, it’s important to know the ways in which your choice of software can benefit you. With rapidly advancing technology in dental software, knowing what to expect out and getting on board with your most progressive software option can mean a difference of many thousands of dollars each year. This article is going to illustrate 3 ways that ClearDent dental software is designed to make your practice more efficient, and thereby save you money.


The largest expense of your dental office is payroll. Software is not something that is going to replace your staff, but it can allow the staff you have to accomplish a great deal more in the time they spend working. For example, saving time on some of the more tedious tasks that your front office staff needs to complete on a daily basis will free them to excel in other areas that can be a genuine differentiator for your practice, like customer service. Automation allows processes to run in the background to ensure that your customers are receiving a consistent experience every time. So, what processes can be automated?

  • Patient Communication – Set up an automated series of communications with your patients. For example, you can have your software send your patients a reminder by email, text message or phone message when they have an appointment coming up. You could also help build a stronger relationship with your patients by allowing your software to send a birthday and/or holiday message to your patients from your dental office.
  • EOB Auto Adjust – When you submit an estimation of benefits (EOB) to ITRANS, you are then required to re-enter the information you receive into your software. This is the kind of manual, tedious task that ClearDent is always working to eliminate. With ClearDent, that information is automatically transferred directly into your patients’ ledger, saving you time and the potential for mistakes.

Single Software Provider

With so many dental software options and combinations to choose from, it can be tempting to mix and match software in an attempt to find a combination that will provide an extra little beneficial to your specific practice. Doing this, you can fall into the trap of having to coordinate multiple software packages from different companies, paying separate monthly fees, and struggling to get the software to work together the way you had envisioned.

  • Example – You purchase a practice management software, a patient communication software, financial analysis software and a cloud backup plan. Each of these elements comes with a price tag that is reasonable. However, when added all together, you can often end up paying over $500/month. And with that high monthly cost, you will be stuck trying to get multiple programs to work together nicely. And, if/when an issue arises, you will be forced into a mediation role between the support departments of 2 or more different companies.

Finding practice management software that also provides the additional services you desire, like ClearDent does, means reducing your total monthly payments. And, with software designed specifically to include all these features in one product, the chance of having issues with it is greatly reduced. Even if you do encounter a complication within your system, there is only one number that you will need to call. The time and frustration of figuring out issues is eliminated.

Software Updates

When your practice is using ClearDent, we want you have the best possible experience. In order to do that, we need to make sure that you always have the latest version of ClearDent available to you. Because of this, ClearDent has included all software updates into our monthly cost. 

Not only will you never have to worry about paying to upgrade, update, or add a feature enhancement again, but you’ll also have the all of the latest features available to you as soon as they are released. And, when you’re working with the most progressive software in Canada, that can be a game changer!

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