Benefits of Using the Appointment Manager

All dental offices have a way of finding patients to fill available slots. ClearDent has a feature that facilitates this time-consuming process.

And this is how it works:

The Appointment Manager allows the receptionist to quickly fill slots in the day that have become available.

When a patient cancels their appointment, a pop up box appears and asks if the appointment should be added to the waiting list. If ‘yes’ is selected, the appointment is added to the pending waiting appointment list. 


This particular list is a great resource to pull names from when you have a cancellation on the schedule. You can pull up the appointment manager waiting list and call the patients listed to fill the available open spot on the schedule. If the patient has more than one appointment pending you can select all appointments for that patient (by checking the box to the left) and select schedule. This will move all of the patient’s appointments into the drop box allowing you to book.


When a patient has additional appointments that need to be booked, you can also open up the appointment manager and “Add” their name to the wait list so that you do not lose track of the patient and remember to follow up in a few days to book their treatment.

Booked & Waiting allows you to book patients in the future, but by choosing the Booked & Waiting option when scheduling the appointment it adds this appointment to the Booked & Waiting list. Therefore, if you have an opening in the schedule, you can pull patients off the Booked and Waiting list to get them in sooner.

Short Notice list is also a very tool to use when you have a last minute cancellation and need someone to fill the spot quickly.

All the above functions can be sorted by specific provider as well.

ClearDent makes it easy!