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How to verify your dental office on Google

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Having your dental practice listed as a business on Google has more impact than you think! Currently, 41% of patients state they search for new dentists online. Therefore, if your practice doesn’t show up on their Google search, you have just lost a potential patient.  

The same goes for online reviews; 30.4% of patients find their dentists through online reviews. Consequently, not having any patient reviews or having one to three rating stars impacts the patient’s’ decision when choosing a new dentist.  

This is why you should invest time on developing and enhancing your online reputation – and this is where Google My Business will help you!  

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your business on Google Search and Google Maps. By verifying your business, you can engage with your customers, manage your business information, and gain insights on your audience.  

To take advantage of this free tool and start enhancing your online reputation, follow these 2 easy steps below: 

Step 1 

  • Go to google.com/accounts 
  • Click on “Create Account” and select “To Manage My Business” 
  • Fill out the necessary information and you’re done with the first part! 

To ensure that your account has been created, search for your business on Google Maps and you should be able to locate it.  

Step 2 

  • Go to google.com/business 
  • Log in with your business account. If you’re already logged in, click “Manage Now” 
  • Fill out the necessary information  
  • Verify your business listing: choose from post card, phone or email verification  

All done! You can now: 

  • Add photos and videos to your listing 
  • Write a description of your business 
  • Use Google My Business Q&A to engage with your customers  
  • Request and manage Google reviews  
  • Explore search insights  

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