Integration at your practice

Look at these two… don’t they look great together? Charting and digital imaging were meant to share your screen!

Switching between programs or having to stop to find a paper chart, in order to gather the information you need to effectively treat your patients, is a thing of the past. All the information you need can be stored in a single location. In fact, most of the information you need to run your whole practice can be stored there as well! 

ClearDent professionally integrates both charting and imaging so that your office will be able to capture, store, and view your information all together… the way it should be. And, it doesn’t stop with charts and x-rays either. Your schedule, patients’ medical history, inventory, financials and just about everything else you use to treat your patients and run your practice can be found in one place. 

Imagine if your team’s time tracking and inventory levels were as easy to access as your scheduling and patient data. All of it neatly organized so that what you need is intuitively placed within a click or two. The most efficient practices are running this way, and ClearDent is helping them to do it.

Learn how ClearDent software can get your practice to operate more efficiently with everything working together!