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Digital imaging: Integrations at your practice

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Charting and digital imaging were meant to grace your screen: don’t they look great together?

Most dentists eventually realize that, by removing the need to rifle through paper charts, their standard of patient care can improve. In fact, gathering information by switching software programs or finding a paper chart is a thing of the past. Dentists are now treating patients with tools stored in a single location, that are retrievable with a few clicks.

Digital Imaging in 2021

Since this blog post was published in 2020, the state of digital imaging in the dental software space has changed. Some practice management software vendors have announced they will be discontinuing digital imaging support this year.

ClearDent believes that supporting digital imaging is essential for a practice management software company, unlike those vendors.

When dentists provide extraoral X-rays, including panoramic (Panorex) X-rays, they need to access the information through practice management (PM) software. 

Choosing A Practice Management Solution

Dentists who begin searching for an ideal practice management solution face several challenges. Teams commonly consider all benefits and consequences of switching to a new practice management software provider, which can feel overwhelming with all the options.

The marketplace offers many dental software alternatives: some vendors support digital imaging, while others lack similar support.

As cloud-based software becomes more readily available to the dental industry, these protocols can become even more obscure and difficult to understand.

Here are some identifying questions to help you choose the right solution (on-premises or cloud) for your specialty practice.

  • Can the PM software capture, store, and view patient information?
  • Are charts and x-rays accessible within a few clicks?
  • Can you administer treatments and view schedules?
  • Can you pull up patient medical histories?
  • Can you manage your clinic’s supply and inventory?
  • Can you manage all the financials from the software?

Most importantly, will your vendor continuously support the development of critical features needed to help you run an efficient practice? The last thing your team needs is to waste time finding decentralized information or relying on third-party integrations. Third-party integrations carry security risks, leaving practices vulnerable to data breaches. 

Switching to ClearDent

Every dentist who has shifted to ClearDent have been able to capture, store, and retrieve patient data all in one place. 

Over 1,400 practices from coast to coast in Canada have already switched to ClearDent.

Learn how your dental practice can be powered by ClearDent – our demos are free.

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