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Introducing our refreshed look

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

You may have noticed we’ve made some adjustments to our brand. These were made in-tune with how we see the future of ClearDent and the improved solution and services we aim to provide dentists across Canada and align with our three core values: Community, Creativity, and Courage. 

When it comes to our Community, we are always listening and looking to improve the way we communicate. This includes the release of a new ClearDent News feature that will be accessible within your ClearDent software, to ensure important messages don’t go unnoticed. In our Support team, we’ve increased our capacity to answer your calls, resulting in lower average call wait times. We’ve also introduced new methods to route your request to those who can help you best including a new Cloud support team ([email protected]available to help you via e-mail. To strengthen our lines of communication, we also intend to re-introduce an improved Account Management team ([email protected]).

During a time when everyone is doing their part to limit in-person interactions, we’ve looked to Creativity in both the software and services that we provide. We’ve launched a Patient Portal as part of ClearConnect that helps you provide a safe, contactless experience for both your team and patients. And while we normally invest in your continuing education through in-person seminars, we’ve pivoted to holding monthly webinars for our customers on best practices in dentistry and using ClearDent.  

Working towards the future, we are also setting bold goals that will hold us to our final core value – CourageWe’re excited to be working on a Cloud solution that will offer a full suite of administrative, clinical, and patient engagement features. Our all-in-one Cloud solution will enable us to broaden our community by working with partners on third-party integrations and more. The future of dentistry is always changing and we strive to be at the forefront of emerging technology, teaching our community how to use these tools to improve efficiency and productivity across your dental practice.

As we continue into the future, we will continue leaning on you, our customers, to create solutions made for Canadian dentists.  

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