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When dental clinics give back to their communities

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Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Find out why over 1,500 Canadian dentists trust ClearDent to keep their practices running smoothly.

Dental practices frequently hold special places in the community. Recommendations from friends and family may be the top decider when searching for a new doctor, but just about every other patient will choose their oral health provider based on proximity. Being able to show that you’re engaged with the neighborhood elevates you past just being another dentist in the eyes of possible patients.

If you want a strong presence in your community, you could use pricey flyers and bus stop ads, but charity can be just as effective, and much more rewarding. Engaging directly with local groups and organizations yields benefits for both your business and those in need.

The Math Behind the Money

There are many ways that businesses can be encouraged to engage with non-profits and other support-providing services. If you’re in search of a silver lining for your office, then look no further than useful charitable deductions. When thinking about where your donation goes, it always pays to be mindful of how they’re spent. Many high-profile national or international charities frequently distribute your gift across a wider region, or in specialized places such as research hubs or urban centres. 

While high overhead is becoming less of a concern about efficacy, you may be interested in organizations that see a larger portion of proceeds directly go to those that need them. When a charity has a narrow focus, dollars typically go much further. Consider local sports teams or clubs for kids, where even smaller donations can make a big splash.

Charity Without the Cheque

Running a business can be exhausting, and charity may be the last thing on your mind during a tight fiscal month or an overloaded schedule. Consider researching charitable organizations that you can instead partner with, so the work can be shared. Just by soliciting food donations in office, or putting up advertisements in the waiting room, you can generate engagement with any cause near and dear to your heart. Of course, finding an organization that shares your approach to business is paramount.

If you’re the type of practice that puts out promotional material or has an active presence online, don’t forget to advertise, re-tweet, mention, and share your advocacy for more awareness.

Being Proud and Public

The satisfaction of making a difference in someone’s life is just one of the many rewards that come with a philanthropic purpose. Local newspapers and media are often eager to celebrate businesses that make a difference in their neighborhood. Proudly associating your name with charity contributions, or work in a not-for-profit practice, is a great way to let prospective patients know that you value their community as much as you value them. If you’re examining how to best spend a marketing budget, take a look at how far that money could go towards sponsoring a local event, public cause, or even parade float.

As a business owner and practicing dentist, making time for, or contributing to, charities can be daunting. Smaller offices may feel like this can be a distraction from your patients, but raising the profile of your practice solidifies your role in the community, and helps to bring in new patients.

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