Update to ClearDent Cloud Limited Release Program Details

Thank you for signing up with our ClearDent Cloud Limited Release program (hereinafter “CDCLR”). We want to thank you for your patience and take this opportunity to clarify the terms of use in this program.

We acknowledge that there is room for improvement to make the launch and adoption of this program smoother. The pandemic in the last eighteen (18) months impacted how we deliver the software and clearly communicate the terms of use, as well as our ability to launch this program sooner. To that end, we sincerely apologize.

However, moving forward, the following terms of use, together with the Preview Software terms in our General Terms and Conditions will govern your use of the CDCLR. Therefore, please carefully read them before you continue with the program.

Free-to-Use and End of CDCLR

  1. CDCLR is offered as free-to-use. However, you are limited to three (3) named users to your existing ClearDent instance.
  2. CDCLR’s free-to-use will end when the official ClearDent Cloud is Generally Available to the market (hereinafter “CDCGA”).
  3. CDCLR is currently full. If you have additional dental practice locations that can benefit from our cloud or would like to refer a friend, please register for the waitlist. You can join the waitlist by e-mailing your Account Manager. We review the waitlist regularly and inform you when we have the capacity to accept further participants.
  4. Currently, we do not have a target date for CDCGA. However, to ensure transparency and clarity to you, as one of our valued customers, we will notify you at least thirty (30) calendar days with detailed pricing and promo via e-mail before CDCGA is available to the market.
  5. Should you choose not to subscribe to CDCGA when CDCLR’s free-to-use ends, you are not obliged to continue with CDCGA, the existing ClearDent that you have will be intact, and there will be no data loss.

Required Participation in the CDCLR

  1. You shall agree to us collecting technical data to help us improve our services and features. Technical data does not contain any private personal data of your patients and your business. For details, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  2. You shall respond to interview requests from one of our representatives on the product development team to gather feedback that can help us improve our product’s user experience and functionality. You may decline the request.
  3. To ensure that important notices do not get lost, we require you to confirm the primary e-mail address that we can use to deliver notices and interview requests.