Simplify Patient Communication

"The confirmaton system through ClearConnect is fabulous and is a great time saver"
Regent Avenue Dental


ClearConnect is a patient communication system built directly into ClearDent. It goes beyond appointment confirmation. Automate your recall reminders, send new patient welcome packages, have real-time conversations with patients via 2-way text messaging, and more.

How ClearConnect Works - Step 1

Patients choose preferred method of contact

How ClearConnect Works - Step Indicator 1
How ClearConnect Works - Step 2

ClearConnect sends automated messages of your choice to your patients

How ClearConnect Works - Step Indicator 2
How ClearConnect Works - Step 3

A complete record of communications is kept in patient files

  • Stop wasting time calling patients individually. Increase your patients' response rate by allowing them to choose the method of contact that suits them best; email, text, or voice
  • Reduce gaps in your schedule with a consistent, automated approach to confirmations and recall reminders
  • Customize a contact automation strategy to suit your needs with the help of your ClearConnect consultant
  • What can ClearConnect automate?
    1. Sending appointment confirmations
    2. Updating patient's appointment status with confirmation responses
    3. Sending recall reminders
    4. New patient welcome messages
    5. Happy Birthday messages
    6. Distributing surveys


For even more communication control, ClearMessaging, part of ClearConnect, allows you to communicate instantly with your patients by text through a messenger style application directly in ClearDent.

  • Your office phone number can be used for text communication to reduce confusion
  • ClearMessaging is intuitive to use thanks to its design mirroring popular messaging applications
  • Connects directly to each patient's file to keep a record of conversations
  • Send group text messages to quickly fill open spaces in your schedule
  • ClearConnect and ClearMessaging are completely compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation - consent must be verified to send messages to a patient
ClearMessaging allows you to send text to any phones from your computer, within ClearDent

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