A Security Blanket for Your Practice

Our built-in cloud backup product, ClearVault, makes daily copies of your data and can fully restore it for you in the event of a data security breach or loss.


Multiple Copies Just to Be Safe​

ClearVault makes a copy of your data at the end of every day to minimize the time between backups in the event of data loss. With ClearVault backup, up to 20 copies of your data can be stored at any given time to further increase your level of protection.

Your Data Is Safe from Start to Finish

Data is encrypted the entire time, from the moment of initial copy, to rest, and restore. Even if your data was exposed, it would remain completely unusable without the proper decryption software.

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Manual Audits

To ensure your data can be restored, audits are conducted by staff regularly to catch any technical glitches before they can affect your backup.

Canadian Storage

Your data is always stored in Canada to stay in compliance with data residency requirements in privacy acts.

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