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Whatever You Need, We’ve Got You Covered​

ClearDent has a dedicated dental software support team that handles all your needs from technical issues to user questions.

Canadian Support for Your Canadian Business

Our support team is located at our headquarters in Burnaby, BC. Because ClearDent deals exclusively with Canadian dentists, our support agents are not only experts in your software, but also applicable federal, provincial and industry regulatory requirements as well.

Talk to Someone Right Away ​

Our live answer rate is nearly 100%. When you call us, we answer.

Your Problem, Solved

Our same day resolution rate is 99%. When you call, we fix your problem.

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Get answers to all your dental software questions

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Understand Your Dental Software

With every install we do, CE-certified training is included. Our amazing trainers all have a dental office background and will ensure your staff is onboarded properly.

Even More Training Options

Support doesn’t stop after the initial training. We’re with you every step of the way. Additional help from trainers can be scheduled, but you will also always have access to our comprehensive library of training videos, webinars, support FAQs, and helpful content from our dental blog.

ClearDent’s dental software helps you better manage your practice