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Adapting and Thriving with ClearDent: Dr. A.M Kahane’s Journey to Efficiency


In the evolving world of dental practice management, finding software that not only keeps pace with change but drives innovation and efficiency is imperative. One practice’s journey with ClearDent over the years demonstrates growth, adaptation, and success that many in the dental community can learn from. 

ClearDent has been a constant in Dr. A.M. Kahane’s operations for several years, offering a seamless experience that significantly optimizes daily operations. ClearDent’s platform evolution has been characterized by continuous improvements and enhanced functionality, all with an eye towards an intuitive user experience. This commitment to innovation has allowed Dr. A.M Kahane’s practice to easily integrate new features into their workflow without disruption, particularly in imaging, document management, and digital treatment planning. Their transition towards a paperless office has been facilitated by ClearDent’s robust document centre and digital charting capabilities, streamlining reception tasks and improving overall efficiency. 

Feature Highlights 

According to Rhonda Oliver, Dental Centre Manager, a standout feature for the practice has been ClearDent’s treatment plan manager system. The ease of following up on outstanding treatments and the user-friendly charting and treatment planning have been game-changers. According to Oliver, “The system is great at generating all the lists we could possibly need.”  

One of the most impactful features for the practice has been ClearDent’s charting tool. Replacing paper records with digital charting has streamlined treatment planning and scheduling, allowing for a more organized and efficient workflow. Today, everything can be done in one place, and handwritten booking notes are a thing of the past. 

Finally, Oliver says that the “To-Do Items” in the system is invaluable to the team. Using it for follow-up for patients or just for general reminders to the staff, the To-Do Items ensure they never miss an important task or reminder. It is a critical tool that each person in the clinic uses daily to keep everything organized. According to Oliver, “We’d be lost without it.” 

ClearDent’s features have not only simplified internal processes but have significantly enhanced patient care and management across the board. ClearDent is utilized in all aspects of the practice’s daily operations, from patient engagement to billing, highlighting its versatility and comprehensive coverage. 

Valued Feedback and Community Engagement 

One thing Oliver appreciates most about ClearDent is their responsiveness to user feedback. Suggestions from the dental community are taken seriously, with many being incorporated into subsequent product updates. This collaborative approach has led to tangible enhancements, such as the implementation of a premedication indicator for appointments, that resulted from Oliver’s suggestions.  

Leveraging ClearDent for Maximum Benefit 

For new users, Oliver recommends taking full advantage of ClearDent’s training resources. “The depth and breadth of the software’s capabilities are vast, and continuous learning can uncover new ways to optimize practice management.” Encouraging patient communication through emails and texts has also been a key strategy for improving engagement and operational efficiency. 

Looking to the Future 

ClearDent’s ongoing updates and enhancements continue to hold promise for further streamlining and enriching the practice’s operations. As ClearDent looks to the future, Oliver sees the software as a pivotal element in its continued success, driving efficiency, and innovation in dental care. According to Oliver, “We look forward to exploring the Patient Portal and new Online Booking functionality.” A.M. Kahane’s journey with ClearDent is a testament to the power of adaptive technology in transforming healthcare practices, highlighting a path of continuous improvement and patient-centric care.  

“One thing I have always loved about ClearDent is that they take all our suggestions seriously and many of them have been implemented in their product updates. ClearDent constantly makes improvements to their platform, but those changes are never disruptive to our practice.”