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Dr. Kumar Transforms Dental Care with ClearDent


When Dr. Kumar set out to start her dental practice, her journey led her to ClearDent.  Another ClearDent customer, KDental made the pivotal introduction. An opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by ClearDent opened Dr. Kumar’s eyes to the possibilities that ClearDent could offer her practice. Although other software solutions like Eaglesoft and Dentrix were considered, it was ClearDent’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive imaging integration capabilities, and the promise of growth and compliance that set it apart. The limitations and support concerns associated with alternatives like Abledent and Tracker further solidified ClearDent as the choice for Dr. Kumar’s practice.  


Seamless Implementation: Setting a New Standard  

Embarking on the implementation process as a brand-new practice, Dr. Kumar found the journey to be exceptionally smooth, thanks in part to the expert guidance of the ClearDent onboarding team, whose patience and flexibility were invaluable. Despite the challenges posed by construction delays, permit acquisitions, and staffing hurdles, the ClearDent support team and trainers ensured a seamless transition to the technology that would ultimately run the business. Their dedication to connecting, configuring, testing, and training meant that Dr. Kumar’s practice could start welcoming patients without delay.  


Daily Operations: Features that Have a Big Impact

For the past eleven years, ClearDent has become integral to the practice’s daily operations. Features like Contract Billing, ClearConnect, (patient engagement) and ClearVault (data back-up and security) have not only simplified processes, but also enhanced patient care. Automated patient confirmations through ClearConnect free up valuable staff time, allowing for more personalized patient follow-ups. Meanwhile, ClearDent’s Contract Billing has streamlined orthodontic billing, and ClearVault ensures the security of patient data. The implementation of a recall reminder system has further optimized workflow efficiency.


Measurable Outcomes: A Practice Transformed  

Since integrating ClearDent, Dr. Kumar’s practice has observed notable improvements. The effective use of the Appointment Manager has maximized schedule efficiency, directly contributing to increased revenue. The introduction of Contract Billing has optimized orthodontic booking management, allowing for the addition of a new chair and has significantly boosted the practice’s financial performance.  

ClearDent has played a crucial role in nurturing patient relationships. The ease of communication facilitated by ClearConnect has kept patients engaged and satisfied, fostering a sense of connection and community within the practice.   


Standing Apart and Looking Ahead  

Reflecting on her experience, Dr. Kumar appreciates ClearDent’s intuitive design and its alignment with Canadian dental regulations and standards. Its commitment to the “paperless practice” and the unparalleled support offered set ClearDent apart from the alternatives considered.  

Dr. Kumar is excited about the future enhancements to ClearDent, particularly online booking capabilities, and remains a vocal advocate for the software among her peers. Her advice to other practices is clear: embrace ClearDent for its innovation, support, and the personal touch they bring to dental practice management.

Dr. Kumar’s experience underscores the transformative power of ClearDent. Not only does it streamline operations, but it also meets the evolving preferences of patients who favor modern, convenient communication methods. In an era where efficiency and personal touch are paramount, ClearDent emerges as the partner of choice for forward-thinking dental practices like Dr. Kumar.

“The great thing about ClearDent is not only is it easy to use and fully compliant, but I have the peace of mind knowing that it will grow with my practice and keep me future-ready at all times.”