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Why Embrun Smiles Trusts ClearDent to ‘Ease Their Pain’


When Dr. Konrad Binder decided it was time to open his dental practice, he’d already had plenty of experience serving patients across Ontario. Embrun Smiles opened its doors in December of 2019 with a caring and energetic team of five providing dental care just outside of Ottawa. Having had plenty of experience offering esthetic and routine dental treatments in major cities and rural areas, Dr. Binder knew exactly how to offer great care. Shortly after opening his practice, the initial choice of practice management software left plenty to be desired.

Initially going with a 100% cloud solution, Embrun Smiles learned about the vulnerabilities of an entirely cloud-based software solution. With occasional outages and disruption in local infrastructure the practice management software would be completely unavailable. Staff were routinely frustrated by the sometimes long lag periods between updating a chart, and seeing results first hand. Having worked with ClearDent in a previous practice, Dr. Binder was already considering the switch. When COVID-19 temporarily closed his office, he knew it was the right time.

“I was confident in the software and knew it would better my practice. I thought the training videos were excellent. Any of my staff that watched them on their own time, from the comfort of their home, could become experts and teach others.”

With a mixed cloud/on-prem solution, Embrun Smiles could easily defy the internet outages that once slowed production to a crawl, while shortening the load times that caused so many headaches. Along with the reliability, came increased usability. The patient dashboard is very useful for getting a quick glimpse of his patients. A friendly charting interface meant it was easier to record a chipped tooth while also marking the early signs of tooth decay. “It’s very easy to go back and add specific conditions to teeth and charting.”

It hasn’t just stopped with the dental chair. In-office to-do lists make it easier to outline important office tasks that need attention. With templated emails to patients, Dr. Binder is happy to put a personal touch on his communications. Patients are receiving emails from the clinic’s domain, rather than a service domain, which helps patients trust in the information they’re receiving. In his own words,

“I made the decision to do what’s best for my team. I need management software that eases my pain and doesn’t create problems”.

Several months after reopening, Embrun Smiles is running smoother and Dr. Binder is happier with the increased reliability, and smoother communications ClearDent offers.

“It’s the best practice software that I’ve seen […] I wish we had gone with ClearDent from the beginning.”