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Expanding with ClearDent Cloud


Ari Pediatric Dentistry is a practice that believes the root of great care lies in providing positive patient experiences. Focused on creating a relentlessly caring environment, the staff at Ari Pediatric Dentistry use their extensive experience to build the foundation for a lifetime of healthier smiles through pediatric and orthodontic care. Their three locations across London, Ontario ensure that each patient that comes through their doors leaves embracing their brighter smile.


Meet the Owner

Dr. Timucin Ari is passionate about providing the highest level of care possible for infants, children, and patients with special needs. After graduating with Dean’s Honour in Istanbul, he continued his studies in pursuit of a combined PhD and specialty program before moving to London, Ontario in 2010. With over 20 years’ experience in dentistry including prominent roles in the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and International Association for Disability and Oral Health, Dr. Ari advocates continuously for above-and-beyond care when it comes to pediatric dentistry.


The Problem

Not long into the pandemic, Dr. Ari saw the opportunity to provide more care to children across southern Ontario. The decision to purchase two additional locations was a simple one, but the complexities of now managing multiple locations with multiple teams meant tripling the work that went into running a single profitable practice. Ari Pediatric Dentistry was already using ClearDent, but one of the new locations still relied on a paper-heavy process for providing care.

Ensuring all three locations were on the same digital page while patients and parents alike received the same confidence-boosting care and attention became the key challenge. In any given day patients could show up to the wrong location or staff could phone in sick at the last minute – all while doctors or specialists may be offsite at a hospital or simply stuck in traffic travelling between locations. Dr. Ari understood that navigating these complexities, including the additional business needs, would require a solution that approached these problems from a new perspective.


The Solution

Years earlier, Dr. Ari had made the switch to ClearDent because they could not only meet all of his practice management needs, but because he could quickly access everything related to a patient on a single platform. During the pandemic, he immediately understood the value of making that information more easily accessible in other locations as they began providing virtual consultations. Luckily, ClearDent was on the verge of releasing the Cloud version of their platform, which provided all of the great features Dr. Ari had previously relied on – but available on any device, in or out of the office. “If there’s an emergency call […] I can see everything in front of me from wherever I am.”

Bringing new technology into three offices was a smoother experience than he and his staff had anticipated. Dr. Ari’s offices with existing ClearDent services transitioned quickly, “It was seamless – it was so easy!” For the third location, that was going digital for the first time, ClearDent’s training staff used their experience onboarding trainees by simplifying training sessions and communicating the benefits of the remote approach to practice management.

Once all three Ari Pediatric Dentistry locations were connected via ClearDent Cloud, Dr. Ari found the dashboard to be one of its best features. An up-to-the-minute snapshot of each location’s performance was accessible from any phone, tablet, or computer with internet access. Dr. Ari and his team were able to closely monitor and see production breakdown, growth and trends. He was also able to monitor case acceptance, hygienists’ capacity, recall rates, and more. Easier access to important business analytics also meant that his financial staff, front desk, and office managers could easily understand how each office was performing.


“As a practicing dentist, I realize it’s really important for me to see what’s happening in each location.”


As each location was busy with a roster full of patients, the benefits of Cloud-based patient records presented surprising benefits. Rather than turn away patients that may prefer the convenience of another location, staff are able to quickly view records from another office. If a specialist or office staff calls in sick, staffing or workloads can be rearranged before the day even begins. His most pleasant discovery came when Dr. Ari found himself in a hospital performing surgery. He was free to work from any available computer without needing to print records ahead of time or go back to the practice to update patient records, could complete his charts immediately after providing care, and no longer searching the hospital for space to complete charts. “It’s an amazing, amazing feature.”

Even though Dr. Ari sees ClearDent Cloud as the ideal solution to multi-location practices, he also believes the solution is one that works across the board for all practice sizes and specialties. Everything from lower IT infrastructure costs, better security and data backups, dashboards, reporting and comprehensive business insights, practice owners get more visibility and oversight to help them optimize their practice. “Even for a solo, single-location practice, I think as a dentist, it is really important for us to be able to see what’s happening in our practice and ClearDent Cloud makes that possible.”

“I think as a dentist, it is really important for us to be able to see what’s happening in our practice and ClearDent Cloud makes that possible.”