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How Dr. Chris Bryant & Staff Inc. Switched to ClearDent with Minimal Downtime

dr chris bryant

When Dr. Bryant from Dr. Chris Bryant & Staff Inc. in Sooke, British Columbia, made the decision of switching his practice management software, he wanted to ensure that he had minimal downtime with all bases covered. After learning more about ClearDent, he chose to take the leap. Excitingly, Dr. Bryant and his staff were delighted by the rapid results ClearDent brought to the clinic, “there was never a day that we didn’t have access to any of the necessary functions required to maintain clinical care, and the end result was dazzling.”

To the staff, the online training videos were extremely helpful and guaranteed a smooth transition from one software to another. The videos were used to refresh the memory of those who were already familiar with ClearDent, and at the same time, introduce the software to those who had never worked with it before. With the staff on board and ClearDent’s support, switching software never felt so simple.

According to Dr. Bryant, ClearDent has greatly benefitted the practice. Through ClearDent’s patient engagement feature – ClearConnect – the number of cancellations and missed appointments were significantly reduced. His staff is proud to say that “an open space in our schedule is pretty much a thing of the past”. With the 2-way texting feature, they have been able to text patients using a messenger-style system, with each conversation saved to the patient’s file. And the results could not get any better, the practice has been receiving consistent feedback on how much people love the electronic reminders. 

Digital charting has also played a key role in Dr. Bryant & Staff Inc.’s success with ClearDent. Being able to display their patient’s history, and future exams all in the same view without having to switch between software increased efficiency when treating patients. This, alongside the simplicity of tracking treatment plans and outstanding treatments with ClearDent’s practice administration feature, has helped the practice thrive in the dental industry.

When asked what surprised them the most about ClearDent, staff claimed intuitiveness, “whenever I think I could use a feature, it’s usually already there and I just need to watch a little video to see how to use it.” This same answer was given from another staff member who does not use ClearDent frequently. She finds the software is “easy to maneuver through” and that reports can be quickly generated and accessed when needed.

With quality support and streamlined tasks, Dr. Bryant & Staff Inc. was able to take the leap to a new all-in-one software with minimal downtime, leading to enhanced patient engagement, reduced cancellations and no more empty schedules.

“An open space in our schedule is pretty much a thing of the past”

[Dr. Chris Bryant]