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Management Advisory Practitioners Gets “Everything They Need at Their Fingertips” with ClearDent Cloud 

About MAP

MAP (Management Advisory Practitioners) is an organization that takes on the business and operational responsibilities of practice management for dental practices across Ontario. By advising accounting, risk and compliance, clinical operations, and strategy development, oral health providers enjoy a more satisfying work-life balance as they are free to focus on providing outstanding oral health care.


Meet the Owner

Andrew Moukled is the CEO of MAP. A self-described ‘Big Thinker’, he takes a personal approach informed by his diverse experience and education in clinical management, human resources, and financial modelling. His passion for excellence in dentistry runs in the family with his brother Dr. Aziz Moukled who is a general dentist eagerly taking on complex cases. Andrew Moukled understands what goes into building a thriving business and is ready to lend a helping hand.


The Problem

Finding itself with a unique opportunity for rapid growth after onboarding four new practices in the past year, MAP approached ClearDent to explore what new technology could assist their operations. They struggled to meet the demands of managing over a dozen practices spread across a large geographic area. Administrative staff and specialists had historically felt bottlenecked by the need to travel to each location – often after hours – to access reports, tackle scheduling, and take on strategic decisions. Key information gathering could only take place during specific hours of the day so forgetting one task or requiring clarification would cost additional hours in travel with the possibility of interrupting care provider workflows.

While MAP explored third-party options to remotely access multiple locations, the VPN and tunneling software options were unreliable, clunky integrations that required onsite tooling at every practice location. This piecemeal approach had left concerns around the security of all the sensitive information being exchanged. The leadership team were frustrated with their options and knew that sustainable growth would be at risk with their mostly on-prem solution.


The Solution

After seven years working alongside ClearDent, MAP reached out about the potential of ClearDent’s Cloud solution. Recognizing the possibility of readily accessible information, Andrew Moukled, CEO of MAP, was eager to sign up, “We knew [ClearDent] would transition us very seamlessly to the cloud […] It was a no brainer.”

Understanding that there would be a learning curve to the new technology, the team at MAP was impressed by ClearDent’s approach to onboarding and training. With various structured learning options alongside personalized one-on-one training, Andrew was amazed by the integrated approach ClearDent took in enhancing their various practices.

Once ClearDent Cloud was up and running, the value became clear immediately. For starters, they removed the redundancies of third-party remote applications. Specialists and providers are now able to log in from any location and access everything they need to do their job. One administrative employee can now easily run multiple clinics. Best of all, the MAP team is no longer required to visit each clinic, staying out of the way of care providers. Across the board, teams were empowered and more efficient.


“Everything that you need is at your fingertips – not just the scheduling, not just the clinical charting, not just reporting – having access to everything, wherever you’re at.”


Sarah Wakefield, Senior Clinical Team Lead thinks often about how ClearDent Cloud has enabled more sustainable growth for MAP. Cutting down on redundancies and inefficiencies while streamlining through job sharing has prepared them for the next phase of growth. With more accurate information immediately available, management is more confident in their decision making, “If I’m in a meeting and need to pull up a report, I can do that at the click of a finger.”

And if you ask Sarah when the right time to shift to ClearDent Cloud is? “If you’re eager to bring that clinic to the next level, the answer is today”.

“If you’re eager to bring that clinic to the next level, the answer is today”